QuarkChain Testnet 2.0 Is Coming Soon: Support Mining Feature

Since the Testnet 1.0 was launched on July 9, 2018, the development of QuarkChain has been carried out step by step. After many activities and tests such as stress testing, open source, multiple hackathons, QuarkChain’s testnet has maintained high efficiency and stability, which provides a solid basis for the validity of QuarkChain’s design concept, and also provides a lot of reference for the development of QuarkChain’s mainnet.

On the basis of the good operation of the testnet 1.0, the basic concepts of the project is presented well and the basic functions of QuarkChain have been tested. We will upgrade the testnet in an all-round way before the launch of the mainnet. The newly upgraded QuarkChain Testnet 2.0 will be open mining based on the Testnet 1.0. Testnet 2.0 will let more people have the opportunity to participate in the ecological construction of QuarkChain, and effectively perceive the high throughput and more flexible characteristics of QuarkChain network.

QuarkChain Testnet 1.0 was built according to the standard blockchain system, which provided complete facilities for network, wallet, browser and virtual machine. Except that the token was a testing currency, the environment was completely built according to the main network standard. On the basis of enhancing the communication efficiency and security of the whole network, Testnet 2.0 improves the openness of the network, which includes opening the functions of accounting and verification to the community. Community members will get testnet tokens as the reward for mining.

Open bookkeeping will be a more extensive verification of QuarkChain’s design concept. QuarkChain’s two-layer structure, communication efficiency, and the core algorithm of distributing network computing power-Boson algorithm, will be verified in the Testnet 2.0. This is also a good opportunity to collect test data to make QuarkChain mainnet more efficient, secure and stable in the future. In addition, the environment that is closer to the real mainnet and the opening of network can enable more people to participate in QuarkChain ecology. Through setting up the environment, mining and other activities, one can recognize the solidity of QuarkChain’s code and the high efficiency and stability of the network.

In order to trigger everyone’s enthusiasm to participate the mining activities of QuarkChain Testnet 2.0, we decide to launch mining award. Users who participate in the mining of the testnet and obtain the test tokens (tQKC) can be converted to the QKC of the mainnet in a certain ratio after the launch of mainnet (note that Country restriction (e.g., US) may apply).

At present, we are preparing a test network mining tutorial and announcement, which will be released in the near future. Please pay attention. Together with the community, we will continue to promote the development and popularization of the blockchain technology, and accelerate the construction of the ecological world of the blockchain.

Welcome to test our Testnet 2.0 and submit any bugs and vulnerabilities to testnet@quarkchain.io. We will reward you based on the discovered bug and the harmfulness of vulnerabilities.

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