qPocket User Guide in 5 Minutes

1. Download and Install

Please download qPocket from QuarkChain official website https://qpocket.io/

For IOS user, please go to Settings -> General -> Device Management and click “trust developer” after installation.

2. Create new wallet

When the downloading is complete, for the first time you open qPocket APP, you will see the following page. You need to create or import the ETH wallet (if you don’t have any wallet before, click “Create Wallet” here).

Step 1: Click [Create Wallet]

Step 2: Fill in the wallet password and confirmation password according to the page prompt

Step 3: Click [Create], qPocket will help you back up mnemonics immediately in order to protect your wallet

Step 4: Click [Start]

Step 5: After choosing the language of the mnemonic, qPocket will randomly generate a mnemonic. Make sure to write/copy it down for further verification

Step 6: Drag the mnemonic words into the document box in order. Click [Done], and a new wallet is created

TPIS: The password created here is used to encrypt and protect the private key, which needs to be input when transferring money. Therefore, the password strength is very important. It is recommended to use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols. Another point: In order to enhance security, Digital Money Wallet cannot reset up password. Thus, it is very important to memorize the password. qPocket has a password prompt that you can fill in to help you remember your password. Also when backing up mnemonics, if you accidentally click a wrong word, just click on the word again, it can be undone and rearranged.

3. Import Wallet

qPocket supports the import of ETH and tQKC, allowing users with multiple public chains of digital assets use qPocket without switching applications.

Step 1: Click “multi-wallet” icon at the right corner for adding more wallets

Step 2: Click “+” at the top right corner of [My Wallet]

Step 3: Choose [Import Wallet] (Using importing ETH wallet with the private key as an example )

Step 4: Select the import mode. qPocket supports three ways of importing: mnemonic, private key and Keystore. You can import any currency in any way you prefer

Step 5: Copy any import mode in the document box and set the password

Step 6:Click [Import] to complete the wallet importing

TIPS: In addition, qPocket also has the ability to observe other wallets. Thus, you can check the balance of other wallets at any time.

Step 1: Click [Import Wallet], and select the currency you want to observe at the upper right corner

Step2: Enter the address of the observed Wallet (Not private key)

Step 3: Click [Import]. The wallet can be observed, but the wallet marked “WATCH” does not have the function of transfer payment

4. Receive and Send

The qPocket wallet supports QKC, ETH and ERC20 receipts and transfers. You can choose any wallet for collection and transfer. Take tQKC wallet for an example.


Step 1: Choose a wallet you want to receive and send money

Step 2: Click [Detail]

Step 3: Go to the wallet detail page, and select [Receive]

Step 4: It’s easy to collect money by letting others sweep QR codes


Method 1:

Step 1: Click [Send], and go to “send” page

Step 2 :Fill in the details such as payment amount and payment address

Step 3: Click [Generate Transaction]

Step 4:Fill in password

Step 5:Confirm transaction and click [Submit Transaction] to complete transaction with anyone

Method 2:

Step 1: Open the scanner function and scan other people’s QR code

Step 2: Just fill in the payment amount

Step 3: Click [Generate Transaction]

Step 4:Fill in password

Step 5:Confirm transaction and click [Submit Transaction] to complete transaction with anyone

TIPS:qPocket has a little surprise for every user. The wallet itself has a small lottery game called [Lucky Draw] to test your luck. You can get different quantities of tQKC (no marketvalue) each time. qPocket has a simple and fast collection/transfer function. Click on the QR code at the top left to collect the money easily. A quick payment can be made by clicking on the sweep at the top right.

5. Games — dice2win

Step 1: Click “DApps”

Step2: Choose any game you want to play.

Step 3: Enter the amount and click “Place Bet”

6. Decentralized Exchanges — Kyber exchange

Step 1: Switch “Game” to “Exchange” at the upper right corner.

Step 2: Choose any exchange you want to swap currencies.

Step 3: Slide “SWAP”

Step 4: Choose any currencies you want to swap, and enter the amount.

Step 5: Click “Swap” to finish.

7. Merge and switch shards

Switch shards

Step 1: Select any wallet and click to see the details of the wallet

Step 2: Enter the detailed wallet page. Take the tQKC wallet shown above as an example. (Its primary shard is 22 and has 85tQKC). Click [Switch Primary Shard]

Step 3: Select any primary shard you want to switch

Step 4: Click [Done]

Merge Shards

Step 1: Click [Merge]

Step 2: Fill in transaction amount and gas price.

Step 3: Click [ok]

Step 4: Determine the transaction information and click [Submit Transaction] to complete the transaction

TIPS: We suggest that the gas fees should not be lowered to the minimum, which will cause the transaction failures

8. Public Sale:

Step 1: Click [Public Sale] at the bottom

Step 2: As a person who wants to participate in public sale, simply click on that token. (Using PEAR as an example)

Step 3: Click [Buy] with QKC. (Now, we are only on testnet stage. After mainnet launch, you will be able to buy a token through mainnet QKC tokens)

Step 4: Fill in the amount and click [Generate Transaction]

About qPocket:

The official smart light mobile wallet is connected to QuarkChain network. We aim to provide users with a simple, secure, and fully functional portal to QuarkChain.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please email to qpocket@quarkchain.org. we really appreciate.