qPocket 2.0 — A New Mobile Wallet with DApp Store

qPocket 2.0 aims to provide users with a simple, secure, and fully functional portal to the blockchain. Cryptocurrency wallets are not only a storage tool, but also an entry that can connect a large number of dApps. qPocket 2.0 officially launched the dApp Store function, which not only provides users with a better dApp experience on mobile phones, but also connects blockchain applications into an ecosystem.

1.New Features:

DApp Store:

Top dApps can be found and run in qPocket. Users can play with all kinds of dApps without sacrificing the security of their digital assets. ETH dApp store is already in qPocket 2.0 and QKC dApp store will come soon!

qPocket now supports English, Chinese, and Korean versions!

2. Feature Explore and Guide:

2.1. How to upgrade to qPocket 2.0

There are 3 ways to upgrade to qPocket 2.0:

a. After the release of the new version, the prompt will be popped up for updating the version of wallet after opening qPocket. Please click it for upgrade.

b. Please go to “Settings” and update the version by clicking “Check for Update”. After update, users will see “DApps” as a new feature.

Step 1:Click “Settings”

Step 2: Click “Check for Update”

Step 3: You will see “DApps” function after updating

c. Users also can download the new version of qPocket directly from official website: qpocket.io

2.2. Games — dice2win

As a DApp application platform, qPocket not only provides a variety of dApp games, but also improves the user experience. Previously, every dApp has to be connected to a wallet, which was quite troublesome to operate. After developing, users can log in and start the game as long as they use the signature of their wallet. Take “Dice2” as an example. Users only need to click on “Dice2” to start the game. The operation is simple and straightforward.

Step 1:Click “DApps”

Step2:Choose any game you want to play.

Step 3:Enter the amount and click “Place Bet”

2.3. Decentralized Exchanges — Kyber exchange

In addition, qPocket provides many decentralized exchanges to allow transparent and fair exchange of tokens between different applications. Using Kyber exchange as an example, QKC can be purchased by paying ETH directly without recharging on the exchange, and QKC can also be directly returned to a user’s wallet. Users are notified for the whole process.

Step 1: Switch “Game” to “Exchange” at the upper right corner.

Step 2:Choose any exchange you want to swap currencies.

Step 3: Slide “SWAP”

Step 4:Choose any currencies you want to swap, and enter the amount.

Step 5: Click “Swap” to finish.

3.Next Step

3.1 QKC DApp Store

We will build several dApps developed on QKC dApp store (QuarkChain Testnet). For some dApps that require low latency, we will consider deploy a DPOS shard on QuarkChain testnet. DApps on this shard will provide great user experience in real time.

3.2 Bounty in Wallet

We will integrate bounty program in qPocket in the near future. Please follow QuarkChain main channel for the update.

4. Other Main Features in qPocket For New Users

4.1 Create a new wallet or Import from an existing wallet

One of the main features of qPocket is that it can create or import currencies from different public chains, so that users who have digital assets from different public chains do not need to switch applications.

With the help of mnemonic words, Hierarchical Deterministic wallets help users who hold multiple main chain currencies and manage multiple currencies at the same time (such as ETH, QKC), which greatly simplifies the operation process. In addition, wallets also provide important functions such as private keys, keystores and so on, which increase the security of users’ wallets.

4.2 Wallet Management

qPocket supports RickScan payments and receipts to make transactions easier. Just clicking on the receipt to display the QR code, users can receive and send tokens. Also users can directly copy the recipient address.

The wallet supports currency switching between tQKC and ETH. Users can click on the toolbar above to switch to the currency they want to view at any time.

qPocket is the first wallet which adopts state sharding technology to support cross-shard transactions, and users can view the balance on each shard. If a user only wants to manage one shard, qPocket supports merging multiple shards into one single shard to ensure that users can use wallet simply.

4.3 Public Sale (Only for eligible users)

Before joining the QuarkChain public sale, because ETH could not handle a large number of transactions at the same time, every transaction was processed slowly and could not be completed in time. qPocket based on high throughput QuarkChain can solve the problem of network congestion perfectly. Simple operations in qPocket ensure that users have a better experience. Users can participate in public sale without knowing the smart contract address.

After that, qPocket will support token swapping in the QuarkChain mainnet.

Thank you for supporting QuarkChain.

For more information about qPocket Mobile Wallet 1.0, please click: https://medium.com/quarkchain-official/introducing-qpocket-mobile-wallet-v1-1-0-41e2fa564ace

We have prepared a user guide for you to learn how to use qPocket in 5 mins. Check it out: https://medium.com/quarkchain-official/qpocket-user-guide-in-5-minutes-d94120728553

If you have any questions and suggestions, please email to qpocket@quarkchain.org, we really appreciate it.