Introducing qPocket Mobile Wallet V1.1.0

According to the latest survey, the global market value of digital assets has been approaching $114 Billion, which has led to the vigorous development of markets and transactions. As an important part of the demand chain, the digital wallet has gradually shown its considerable potential. Due to the diversity of today’s market, various wallet Apps was created and operated. While providing accurate services, various wallet Apps increase the user’s experience cost, which makes users have to spend a long time to switch and manage different digital wallet applications. The exchange or centralized wallet is also the choice for some users. However, the drawback of these choices which weakens the security of digital assets cannot be solved in a short time. In this dilemma of choice, after 6 months of research and numerous testing, we are thrilled to say QuarkChain Wallet — qPocket (V1.1.0) has officially launched.

Please download qPocket from the official website (

Part 1: qPocket Features

Blockchain enables users to have digital identity in a real sense. Blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, non-tampering and traceability. Without mutual trust, users can write and maintain a reliable ledger together. Using an encrypted digital identity to manage a multi-shard wallet can maintain its privacy, allowing only specific organizations or individuals to access, store, analyze or share personal data. Blockchain really prevents data leakage.

Most wallets on the market only support one public chain. However, qPocket is a wallet that supports not only multi-shard transactions of QuarkChain, but also ETH and ERC-20 tokens. After that, qPocket will support more public chains, and bring better user experience from different public chains. qPocket currently supports ERC-20 and QuarkChain Testnet token (tQKC). We plan to integrate more functions in the near future.

Let’s look at three features about qPocket.

In qPocket, only one account is needed for all shards. All cryptocurrencies from different shards are stored in one smart wallet. Cross-shard transactions can be issued at any time and confirmed in a short time.

QuarkChain’s latest trial run reached 14,000+ TPS, which enables qPocket to be congestion-free at most of the time.

Encrypted Private Keys will be only stored securely in a device’s local sandbox system. qPocket provides multiple wallet backup options to prevent asset loss or theft.

QuarkChain always adheres to the principle of user-oriented and technology-leading. We hope that through the efforts of our team, we can bring brand-new changes to the area of blockchain. The enthusiasm of the community numbers inspired QuarkChain team and made us feel more responsible. QuarkChain strongly believes that as a necessary tool to obtain blockchain services, digital wallet has become an important platform for QuarkChain to expand the blockchain industry. QuarkChain team hopes to deepen cooperation with other projects in digital asset management, value circulation, Dapp and other aspects. We will move forward and create more resplendence.

Part 2: Let’s take a look at what you can do on qPocket

We have prepared a user guide for you to learn how to use qPocket in 5 mins. Check it out:


  1. Create a new wallet or Import from an existing wallet

One of the main features of qPocket is that it can create or import currencies from different public chains, so that users who have digital assets from different public chains do not need to switch applications.

With the help of mnemonic words, Hierarchical Deterministic wallets help users who hold multiple main chain currencies and manage multiple currencies at the same time (such as ETH, QKC), which greatly simplifies the operation process. In addition, wallets also provide important functions such as private keys, keystores and so on, which increase the security of users’ wallets.

2. Wallet Managment

qPocket supports RickScan payments and receipts to make transactions easier. Just click on the receipt to display the QR code, users can receive and send tokens. Also users can directly copy the recipient address.

The wallet supports currency switching between tQKC and ETH. Users can click on the toolbar above to switch to the currency they want to view at any time.

qPocket is the first wallet which adopts state sharding technology to support cross-shard transactions, and users can view the balance on each shard. If a user only wants to manage one shard, qPorket supports merging multiple shards into one single shard to ensure that users can use wallet simply.

3. Public Sale (Only for eligible users)

Before joining the QuarkChain public sale, because ETH could not handle a large number of transactions at the same time, every transaction was processed slowly and could not be completed in time. qPocket based on high throughput QuarkChain can solve the problem of network congestion perfectly. Simple operations in qPocket ensure that users have a better experience. Users can participate in public sale without knowing the smart contract address.

After that, qPocket will support token swap in the QuarkChain mainnet.

Part 3: People behind qPocket

Developed by QuarkChain’s official team, this wallet provides users with the greatest convenience in operation. It uses the latest instant human interaction mode to understand users’ needs and achieves the goal of zero time cost for users to operate their wallets. In terms of security, after several experiments in professional groups, multi-dimensional, multi-level and effective safety assurance is established. Our team members had rich experiences on mobile application development, software testing, and interactive user experience. We aim to create a great product in the ecosystem to help users safely adopt and store their assets. Please let us introduce qPocket Team:

Qiang Zhu — Engineering Manager

Rich experiences on application development, Director of Engineering in Camera 360 (Image/Video Mobile Application Company), Senior Engineer in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom team.

Mingpeng Li — Senior Mobile Engineer

Advanced A D, rich experiences on Android development, worked at Baidu and Camera 360

Yusheng Zhang — Senior Mobile Engineer

Rich experiences on application development, Senior Engineer in MOMO, Camera 360.

Tang Li — Quality Engineer

Rich experiences on software testing, Test Lead in Adobe DPS team, Senior Engineer in Beyondsoft Localization team.

Shankai Ji — Software Engineer

A full stack developer. 4 years experience on startup projects in Beijing. Former employee of Adways Tokyo.

As the cornerstone of the development of the blockchain industry, digital wallet not only promotes the flow of digital assets, but also becomes a digital asset platform for users to realize decentralization, encryption and security, and make the management of personal digital assets accessible at any time and anywhere. QuarkChain expects digital wallets to greatly expand the depth and breadth of blockchain industry, and will constantly innovate and update the security, convenience of applications. QuarkChain will lead the development of digital wallets and related industries, so that users can experience the most front-end, top-end and cutting-edge services.

About qPocket:

The official smart light mobile wallet is connected to QuarkChain network. We aim to provide users with a simple, secure, and fully functional portal to QuarkChain.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please email to, we really appreciate it.